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Language Arts
The emergence of language and literacy in children is a dynamic process. Classrooms filled with meaningful print, language and literacy play, storybook reading and writing allow children to understand linearity and directionality as well as build the concept of story. Through our literature-based curriculum our teachers provide well-integrated, developmentally appropriate instruction for children to develop skills in print awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonologic recognition and foreign language. 

Young children need time to explore math using concrete materials they can manipulate. Creative Tots curriculum allows routine situations to become thoughtfully designed activities that encourage counting, measuring, patterning and problem-solving. A quality early mathematics curriculum establishes the confidence necessary for further development in logical reasoning.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. It is important to utilize this need to explore and experience the natural world through hypothesis and prediction, observation, collecting data over time and formulating conclusions. their surroundings. We offer a variety of experiences through experiments, exploration and hands-on learning. We incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into our monthly STEM program as well

Social Emotional
Children need the devotion and appreciation of adults and peers in their lives. They also need to feel confident in their own abilities. Creative Tots Mason Preschool is a warm, caring, and supportive atmosphere where we welcome each child's individuality, nurture their self-confidence, promote good work habits and develop appropriate social skills. 

Physical Development
Preschool children often need to move in order to think. As a result, Creative Tots Preschool Mason incorporates music and movement into our everyday curriculum. Whether it is dramatic play, exploring our outdoor play area, yoga for tots or interacting with visiting performance art professionals, we certainly keep your child moving.  Click here for registration information. 


Preschool Program

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This program is for children who will be entering Kindergarten the following Fall with one year of previous preschooling. (The child must be 5 by June 30th following this Pre-K year.) The K-Prep and Pre-K programs require a 4-Day minimum enrollment on Monday - Thursday to focus on early reading lessons and strategies for your child. Once the 4-day requirement is met, an additional 1-Day enrollment option on Friday morning or afternoon is available with focus on in-depth Math and Science instruction. It is highly recommended to enroll in a 5-Day program option. **The morning spots are reserved for our students choosing the 4 and 5-Day program option older 4 year olds.

Today, Kindergarten has greatly evolved. It is no longer the traditional experience of alphabet songs and finger-painting. Kindergarten-readiness does not just happen. Young children do not automatically acquire the knowledge and skills they need for a positive kindergarten experience. Parents are continually motivated by early testing, new teaching methods and recent research findings to ensure their child a firm academic foundation. Creative Tots Mason Preschool recognizes that children who have received advanced preschool exposure maintain this advantage moving forward. We take pride in our innovative program and ever-expanding and evolving curriculum offerings. Children are like sponges, anything they absorb everything. By focusing on academic fundamentals in this final year before kindergarten, we place your child in the center of their own learning experiences that will challenge and nurture them into successful learners for the years of school ahead.

K-Prep & Pre-K

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In addition to the academic components of Creative Tots’ programs, children will explore the arts  in music, yoga, art, and science classes . Field trips and guest speakers from the local area will be incorporated throughout the year.

 -Music: Our music teacher, Ms. Joanie has over thirty years of musical experience with advanced training in guitar and voice.

-Art: Preschoolers will experience art class with various mediums and learn about fundamentals of art and its history. In addition, this program will feature special projects exploring a variety of famous artists. We will display all of this special artwork during our annual Art Show in the spring.  

-STEM/Science: We offer a variety of experiences through experiments, exploration and hands-on learning. We incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into our monthly STEM program as well. 
-Yoga: All preschoolers will be engaging in yoga to discover and enhance their physical and social development using simple yoga techniques.

Field Trips/Special Guests- Field Trips, special guest speakers and Educational programs from local organizations are incorporated throughout the year.   

Spanish- Our “Locos por Español” (crazy about Spanish)  extended-day program features fluent Spanish teachers emphasizing proper pronunciation within thematic vocabulary, phrases and activities.

*Optional extended-day enrichment  programs are also available for an additional fee.

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